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  1. 19 of the ideas were putting them in different jars and bowls and clear containers. I’ve been doing that for years. This article had nothing new to offer. The cross and the wreaths were basically the same idea. The only thing new I saw, was putting the shells outside in a garden or walkway area. I’ve done that one too, but I’m sure there are many young ladies, who benefit from your ideas.

  2. So simple and elegant. I love the simplicity of how you decorated. Where did you get the sign? I must know this is my daughter’s favorite song. 💜

  3. I ADORED these tips! 🙂 I’ve been a beachcomber since age 5 too! (The basket on the floor are Florida Fighting Conchs rather than Alphabet cones). I’d love to know the particulars of the drapery, rods and clips? in the photo behind the sofa if that’s at all possible? Thank you again for this beautifully done post <3.

  4. this was a magical lesson of the same things that have inspired me to seek new shorelines and freshly plowed fields.the ways you displayed species was very creative, educational,and easy on the eyes.this lifelong activity has kept me in the wonder of nature and the thrill of the hunt..your words cement the search of wonder and respect about mother ocean..

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